I just want to say this: This blog you’re reading is MY blog. I have the creative freedom to do whatever and however I please. It has always been extremely important for me to stay true to my vision, regardless of what is popular and trendy. Humans evolve and this blog is a reflection of my personal evolution. The purpose of this blog has always been to encourage you all to be brave enough to think and write what you want to think and write, be who you want to be, and never shy away from being you just because it makes others uncomfortable.
I try to stick to marketing, social media and arts. But sometimes it is very hard, because there are many other subjects that interest and motivate me. Sometimes very specifically and other times in a very abstract way. For instance the way a mood can be captured through a lens. I admire people like Helmut Newton who push boundaries and change the way you view fashion; they produce beauty, eroticism, and elegance in ways I love to challenge and incorporate into my own personal self.

Yesss we are still talking about marketing, social media and arts 😉

Here is an image that reflects another of my passions.


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